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Business interruptions come in many flavors

Protect your business with monitoring, management, & maintainenance.

Work with us to lay out your uptime requirements and match them to your budget. View our Service Comparison Chart »

We do it all: database design, support & protection

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SQL Data Protection & Recovery

Your business is your baby. Protect it like you would any precious asset. That includes protecting your operations and being able to use your business information no matter what happens. Access to your information is the difference between being in or out of business. Why not make sure you are giving yourself all the advantages you can afford?

The drivers for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) in owner-operated, family-owned businesses are not in synch with those of larger and more highly regulated organizations. Traditional BC/DR came out of industries like government agencies, financial firms (mortgage, banking, insurance, etc.) and pharmaceutical manufacturing. SMBs simply have no time or money to spend like these traditional BC/DR consumers. Perhaps a look into how it all began will shed light on what’s changing and how these changes are making SMB issues affordably addressable now.

SQL Continuity is our take on the very specialized discipline of continuous operations of Microsoft SQL Server-powered business processes and SQL Server-based business applications. Most companies tell you about BC/DR as if these are interchangeable terms. They are not.

Business interruptions come in many flavors
& incidents happen all the time

Your best protection for your information and your computers is consistent monitoring, management, and maintainenance. Continuous availability starts with continuous oversight. Work with us to lay out your uptime requirements and match them to your budget: Contact Us

In a nutshell, we provide SQL Protection & Resiliency

Within that idea are two approaches to making your SQL systems truly resilient:

1. SQL Continuity

Continuous availability, no need for a recovery point or recovery time objective. Ideas exchanged about SQL Continuity are all about “Never Go Dark.”

2. SQL Recoverability

Where most everyone lives now, especially if you are an SMB (small to medium busines or a micro-entrepreneur). Recovery time and recovery point are central to how big your protection budget can get. Ideas exchanged about SQL Recoverability are all about “Sleep Like a Happy Baby.”