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SQL Inventory

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SQL Server Inventory Support is offered for with any of our DBA Admin Services. We highly recommend, though do not require, that an inventory of the SQL Server installation be performed prior to activating remote database administration.

The prerequisite for successful implementation and ongoing performance of any continuous application availability solution is a sound and stable platform for critical applications. Lack of memory, poor bandwidth links, incorrect patch levels, contention from non-database software and many other configuration issues can directly lead to downtime. Prevention is better than cure so proactively addressing application reliability is a critical component of assuring continuous availability. Our support service uses a combination of software and process that ensures maximum server and application reliability. It uses advanced, automated tools that provide detailed information about the current running state of your server environment and provides recommendations to establish an optimum platform for long-term reliability.

The support service examines many different components of the server and application environment. It will report and alert on where resource issues may themselves result in downtime. This includes validating patch levels, measuring memory, CPU and disk utilization rates and bandwidth traffic to determine if areas of contention pose a threat.