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RDBAS Triage™

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How Does RDBAS Triage™ Work?

With each subscription to RDBAS Lite™ you will have the option to pre-authorize a limited number of hours of RDBAS Triage™ Level 1. When the unthinkable happens—when your database goes down, for instance—we won’t have to waste time getting a work order authorized; we can just get your database back on its feet.

For RDBAS Triage™ Level 2 and Level 3, we will discuss any work which should be done, and the timeframe within which it should be done. Then you can authorize us to do the work, you can bid out the job, or you can have the job done with your own in-house talent.

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How Does RDBAS Triage™ Work - Mount Vernon Data Systems

What is RDBAS Triage™?

Remote Database Administration Service Triage™ or RDBAS Triage™ is our response to an emergency or an emerging situation with your database. It is a pre-authorized plan to escalate RDBAS Lite™ monitoring and alerting to full-fledged preventative action to avoid serious performance degradation and/or database shutdown.

Every database will encounter one or more events during its lifetime which will compromise its ability to function. These events may be in the form of a crisis that threatens to completely disrupt operations (i.e. loss of power causes the database to cease functioning entirely), or these events may be more chronic, as in long-term neglect which can negatively impact performance over time.

Your database is under subscription to RDBAS Lite™, and as part of that service our engineers are constantly watching for emergency or chronic conditions that could adversely affect how your database is functioning.

What Do Our RDBAS Triage™ DBAs Do?

  • Restore a “down” database to full operational condition.
  • Repair or ameliorate conditions that will degrade database performance.
  • Analyze & assess database architectures which can cause performance degradation, implement change.