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How to Choose

Confused about which service to choose? Maybe we can help you out with the grid below.

For instance, if you have two production instances of SQL Server, need minimal help desk access, and want short term support, then you'll want to consider the RDBAS Lite™ service.

On the other hand, if you have five or more SQL production instances or a mixed-vendor database environment (Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server, or some combination of each), then you'll want to choose one of the full service products: Full Service Monitor, Full Service Management, or Full Service Optimize.

Services Comparison

Use this convenient chart to identify the service level that's best for your needs. Further details are available for each service level in the Remote DBA Services menu at left.

Remote DBA Service Levels & DBA Support Comparison Chart

Service Levels

RDBAS Lite™ Full Service Monitor Full Service Management Full Service Optimize

1 to 4 Instances


5+ Instances

  checkmark checkmark checkmark

SQL Server

checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark

MySQL, Oracle

  checkmark checkmark checkmark

Once Per Week


Every Business Day

checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark

As Required Mon-Fri


Long-term Contract

  checkmark checkmark checkmark

24x7 USA Support

  checkmark checkmark checkmark

Client Portal

  checkmark checkmark checkmark


  checkmark checkmark checkmark


  checkmark checkmark checkmark

Manage Database

    checkmark checkmark


checkmark(RDBAS Triage™)   checkmark checkmark

Problem Resolution

checkmark(RDBAS Triage™)   checkmark checkmark

Database Upgrades


Performance Tuning

checkmark(RDBAS Triage™)     checkmark

Cost Comparison

Another consideration when choosing a service is cost. As you can see from our cost comparison chart, Remote Database Administration Services can benefit your bottom line.

Remote DBA Service Costs vs In-house Employee or Consultant

In-House Costs SQL DBA Salary, Yearly¹ Oracle DBA Salary, Yearly²

In-House DBA

$86,800.00 $100,000.00

DBA Consultant ($175/hr rate)

$350,000.00 $350,000.00
RDBAS Costs* SQL RDBAS, Yearly Oracle RDBAS, Yearly

RDBAS Lite™ (1 day per week)

13% of In-house DBA n/a

Full Service Monitor

20% of In-house DBA 22% of In-house DBA

Full Service Management

22% of In-house DBA 24% of In-house DBA

Full Service Optimize

26% of In-house DBA 28% of In-house DBA

*  All RDBAS costs are approximate and dependent upon your configuration and requirements.

¹  Computerword Salary Survey

²  IOUG Oracle Salary Survey

When compared to the cost of another full-time employee, Remote Database Administration service is truly a bargain. Consider these features of a RDBAS contract:

  • You don't have to provide office space or equipment for RDBAS;
  • RDBAS will never be late for work, will never get sick or request vacation time;
  • You'll never have to send RDBAS to school to get trained on the newest database administration skills and techniques.