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How Does RDBAS Lite™ Work?

Databases are a critical component of virtually every business on the planet. They’re used to store data about people, places and events, and to serve them up upon request. In alignment with this situation, database administration is a critical talent required in every company’s IT group.

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How Does RDBAS Lite™ Work - Mount Vernon Data Systems

What is RDBAS Lite™?

Remote Database Administration Service Lite™ or RDBAS Lite™ is a subscription database monitoring and reporting service available for Microsoft SQL Server on a short-term or long-term basis. Our service keeps your database running smoothly and alerts you to any upcoming issues.

Our service is economical to help you meet your budget goals. No need to utilize a full time employee when a part time service can fulfill your needs.

  • Our DBAs are highly experienced and technically skilled. No need to train a new DBA, or worse, ignore your business critical database, every time someone is on vacation, is promoted, transfers, or leaves.
  • You specify monitoring and reporting schedule – daily, weekly, monthly.
  • If there is a database issue, we notify you promptly.
  • No long-term contract required.

What Do Our RDBAS Lite™ DBAs Do?

Our DBAs exhibit the critical skills that a well-rounded and highly experienced DBA must have. These include:

  • Monitoring counters and activities in order to keep the databases operational day-in and day-out.
  • Alerting when circumstances necessitate, preventing a situation that could lead to negative performance impacts or even a database shutdown.
  • With pre-authorization, our DBAs can escalate from RDBAS Lite™ to RDBAS Triage™ and fix problems that threaten to bring the database down.