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Full Service Monitor

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RDBAS Full Service Monitor

Full Service Monitor is ideal for organizations seeking 24x7 SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL database monitoring and support as well as emergency remediation in the event of a database emergency; ideally suited for five or more database instances.

24x7 - Monitoring System monitors the client database environment and relays status of the key database health attributes to the USA customer service center. These attributes include:

  • Database Availability
  • System Resource Usage
  • Physical Memory
  • Virtual Memory (Swap)
  • Disk Space
  • CPU Utilization
  • Disk I/O
  • Network I/O
  • Buffer Cache
  • Database Error Log

Based on pre-defined thresholds, the Database Operations Center can automatically “self-heal” numerous database error conditions. Currently the self-heal function closes 50% of all system alerts. Alerts that are not resolved through self-healing are automatically passed through to the customer service center.

24x7 Database Service Desk

The Tier One Database Service Desk operation, staffed 24x7x365 by DBAs-in-training, provides resources who are equipped to:

  • Categorize Service Requests and/or Incidents
  • Classify and Prioritize Service Requests
  • Locate the applicable resolution procedure
  • Troubleshoot an incident, Run/Rerun jobs
  • Escalate as necessary per customer-defined procedures

The monitoring system is integrated with a web-based ticketing system that alerts employees to client database issues. All tickets that are not cleared through the self-healing system are triaged by first level support . Employees will attempt to resolve all issues they receive and may or may not interact directly with client DBAs through email or phone. If the issue cannot be solved by first level support, it is escalated to the attention and care of a DBA, who further troubleshoots the issue and resolves it with or without direct interaction with the client.

Clients have the option to manage their own tickets, contacts, and knowledge bases as they desire.

Database Patching ensures that essential database patches are applied. The process includes investigating, testing, applying and documenting patches. Patch Management includes Oracle’s quarterly Critical Patch Updates and Dot Releases and Microsoft’s SQL Server Service Packs.

Reports are provided on a monthly basis, including:

  • Capacity Planning Report
  • Notification Summary Report
  • Technical Summary Report
  • Utilization Comparison Report
  • Service Metrics Report

Emergency Database Remediation

Any database emergency, whether detected by the monitoring system or declared by the client, will trigger escalation to a Database Administrator. The DBA is responsible for working the emergency issue through to resolution. This Emergency Remediation Service is available 24/7.