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Data Migration Services

Transferring your most precious corporate asset—your data—from one platform to another is not a task which you’ll undertake on a regular basis.

We help you maximize your operational effectiveness and lower your costs by moving you from multiple legacy databases to a scalable, enterprise-wide, reliable, secure database management system that is affordable and designed specifically to meet your unique corporate needs.

Transferring your most precious corporate asset, your data, from one platform to another is not a task which you’ll undertake on a regular basis. Most technical staffers will do this only once in their career. Interpreting the meaning of data in legacy storage, with very little if any documentation, and porting it to newer, more flexible platforms and systems, can be complicated and intensely time-consuming, even to individuals who are familiar with the data.

Staffers who are already overwhelmed with their daily duties have little time to devote to such a task. This is when you need to call in the data migration pros at Mount Vernon Data Systems. MVDS has been migrating data between dissimilar platforms since 1990, when they undertook their first Microsoft Access to SQL Server project for the University of Denver, University College. Since that time we’ve migrated data across the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft FoxPro to Microsoft SQL Server
  • iMIS to SQL Server/ProTech CRM4M
  • SQL Server/Custom Solutions to SQL Server/ProTech CRM4M
  • Avectra NetForum to SQL Server/ProTech CRM4M