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7D Method™

7D Method™ SQL Lifecycle

SQL Database Lifecycle Management for Maximized—Six Sigma—Uptime

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As a virtual boutique consultancy, we started with the idea that we would protect critical corporate information. In the protection of SQL-powered business processes, we began to dabble in using cloud plus on-premise hybrid infrastructures for successful information protection.

As a well-known SQL expert, Michelle began serious inquiry and evaluation into a specialty practice for SQL lifecycle management with the point of view that robust SQL protection was “baked-in” not “added-on” as SQL-based applications were deployed.

By moving upstream to the discovery and design stages of SQL Lifecycles, we gained insights about how to apply world-class best practices to any SQL system in any organization, regardless of size. Six Sigma Uptime for SQL-powered business processes means that continuous operation of SQL applications and databases involved commitment and leadership beyond a company’s “SQL People” into the line of business managers with real P&L responsibilities.

By looking across the lifecycle of a SQL database, we gained insights about the critical points of failure when a SQL project transitions into a day-to-day operation, and when an operation is sunsetted in expectation of a new project completion.